Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

cheat naruto

To enter cheat press ‘F7′ key during fight. After entering key press ‘OK’ button or press ‘Enter’ key.
player1immortal     – Player 1 Gak bisa mati
player2immortal     – Player 2 Gak mati-mati
player1chakramaster – Player 1 Chakra Never ends (always full)
player2chakramaster – Player 2 Chakra Never ends (always full)
toooslow            – Set the game speed for fight. Speed can be fast or slow, 30 is
normal speed.
(Immortal Attack Don’t work when opponent attack is as strong that makes player die on single attack)
Cheat work for single fight only. To activate cheat in another fight you have to
reenter cheat

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